Made Without Common Allergens

Organic Pea Protein

Higher Calorie

Nutritionally Complete

Flows Smoothly for Tube Feeding

Delicious Taste

Why It’s Special

High-Calorie Nutrition

Making sure you’re getting adequate nutrition isn’t always easy! 455 calories and 20 g of organic pea protein in every 325 mL carton make this a great option for those with increased calorie and protein needs.*

Delicious and Smooth

Available in three flavors: smooth and creamy vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or plain. Standard 1.4 is made with high-quality ingredients and without artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Quality Ingredients

Our shakes and formulas have essential vitamins and minerals, are made without common allergens, and are designed for easy digestion, which may help those with food sensitivities.

Perfect for Tube Feeding

Standard 1.4 is a shake designed to provide nutritional support for a wide range of needs, tastes great, and is suitable for sole source nutrition orally, or through a feeding tube.

*This does not constitute medical advice, please consult your healthcare provider to determine if Kate Farms is right for you.

Compare Formulas

Find the right formula for your nutritional needs.

Standard 1.4
Standard 1.0
Nutrition Shake
Calories 455kcal 325kcal 330kcal
Total Fat 1 2 19g 12g 12g
Total Carbohydrate 51g 38g 38g
Total Sugars 16g 18g 18g
Protein 20g 16g 16g
Free water 234mL 254mL

1 7.2 g MCT/325 mL; 22.2 g MCT/L

2 4 g MCT/325 mL; 12 g MCT/ 1000mL

Nutrition & Care in Every Formula

At Kate Farms, we combine nutrition with human-grade care: we strive to provide high-quality ingredients and high-quality support — because we see you, we get you, we got you.

For those fighting for better tomorrows, those seeking the best possible wellness, this is our promise: we will continue to show up, day in and day out, so the whole you can thrive.


Made with love. Loved by many.

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