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Kate Farms eGift Card

$25.00 ($2.08/bottle) every 4 weeks
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Estimated Timeline: Two business days to most of the continental US. Three days to rural parts of Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming. Four days to Hawaii and Alaska.

Nutrition and care in every formula.

Using the best organic ingredients and focusing on quality nourishment, we make formulas and shakes that deliver the nutrition our bodies need.

It's our goal to provide the benefits of a whole food diet so that people can digest the nutrition they need to feel good and thrive.

Certified Organic
Verified Non-GMO
Certified Gluten-Free
Certified Kosher

Made with love. Loved by thousands.

This product helped save my life! Weak from chemo treatments, I found this product online, read the reviews, then purchased the product. It has been uphill all the way now. The taste is great and the convenience is unbeatable. Also, the subscription feature is great too. Don't change this product. It is a lifesaver!

This shake, made from organic ingredients, has been amazing help for my husband going through cancer treatments. When he has difficulty eating, it provides him calories that are nutritious and easy to get down. This product has been a game changer for him!

I have a rare autoimmune condition called MCTD. There is no cure for my condition, but Kate Farms has helped my condition so much that I am now in remission. I will be forever grateful for Kate Farms! I cannot say enough good things about this formula and the company. I am an example of the wonderful things that this formula offers. Thank you isn't even enough to say...but THANK YOU, Kate Farms!!!