Made Without Gluten

Designed for Easy Digestion

Flows Smoothly for Tube Feeding*

Organic Pea Protein

Nutritionally Complete

Delicious Taste

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Why It’s Special

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Meal Time Made Easier

Easily connects to common tube feeding devices, including ENFitTM, reducing prep time and mess. Flows easily through tubes with minimal manipulation.

Resealable Single-Serve Pouch

Portable pouches that travel easily, with a resealable lid to reduce wasted product**.

Thoughtfully Prepared from High-Quality Ingredients

Pediatric Blended Meals contains a unique blend of organic whole foods, pea protein, vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates to provide high-quality complete nutrition that helps support healthy growth and development.

Designed for Easy Digestion

Made with 9 grams of easy to digest organic protein in every serving.

Talk to Your Doctor About Getting Covered

If you are interested in insurance coverage for Kate Farms, you must have a prescription from your doctor. Here are some tips on how to get that process started.

Learn More

Talk to your doctor to get a prescription.

Find out what formula is right for you.

Send your prescription to a supplier.

Product is shipped to you.

Nutrition & Care in Every Meal

Using the best organic ingredients and focusing on quality nourishment, we make formulas and shakes that deliver the nutrition our bodies need.

It's our goal to provide the benefits of a whole food diet so that people can digest the nutrition they need to feel good and thrive.

Discover the convenience of our direct-to-tube connection.

Our Pediatric Blended Meals are compatible with common ENFit™ tube feeding devices, allowing high-quality nutrition to flow smoothly through feeding tubes with little to no manipulation.

Instructions on how to administer Kate Farms Pediatric Blended Meals

Resources for your health journey.

Made with love. Loved by many.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Are Kate Farms products certified organic?
Can Kate Farms products be used for drinking and tube feeding?
What is the source of protein in your products?
What is the difference between the pediatric products and the adult products?

Customer Service

Our support team and resources are here to help you navigate your health journey.

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* Pediatric blended meals tested with Moog Infinity teal and Covidien joey pumps, large bore gravity bag and 60 mL syringe.

**Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours.