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Standard 1.0 - Previous Formula

Kate Farms

A ready-to-use oral and tube feeding formula.

Each 325 mL carton provides 325 calories, suitable for supplemental or sole-source nutrition, and oral or tube feeding. This nutritionally complete, plant-based formula is free of dairy, lactose, soy, gluten, corn, peanuts, and tree nuts. It features plant-based protein, corn-free carbohydrates, functional fats, and evidence-based organic ingredients, including a phytonutrient blend with antioxidant properties.

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  • Case of 12 shakes
  • 6.25" x 14.5" x 5.25"

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Insurance Code: HCPCS B4150

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Loved by many
“I am convinced Komplete helped me recover after my relay was all over. My legs bounced back much better than before and I had very little fatigue in them. Quite surprising after the effort I put out during the race. I’m excited to try the other flavors (I’m really a chocolate girl at heart).”
Meagan M., New York
“Komplete is a heaven send for me! This meal replacement not only satisfies my appetite but gives me all the protein and super foods my body needs. The fact that it is soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free is just what my doctor ordered for me since I have had cancer and cannot have any soy at all. Thank you Kate Farms for this extraordinary product that will give you a very healthy, happy mind, body and soul! ”
Denise and Jennifer Capriati (Former #1 Tennis Player)
“My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 months ago. I know she will lose weight during chemo so I wanted to make her healthier before she started her therapy. I started giving my mom your shakes and they have been very beneficial to her. I think they have made her stronger and has not had too many complications after chemo. She is frail but seems to be holding up well and she loves them. ”
Vivian G.
“Komplete is the most nutritious drink we have found. I work for a naturopath and we have been searching for a vegan, low glycemic, and non-soy meal replacement. Many of our clients are very ill and either have swallowing difficulty or need to gain weight. I saw your ad in a health magazine and contacted you immediately. I ordered a case for myself. The office and I are so happy with how delicious every flavor is and it has 16-18 grams of nutritional protein. We have already referred clients to Kate Farms. Thank you for sharing Komplete with us ”
Terry Eisenstadt RN, MNT (Master Nutritional Therapist) at Nutritional Designs

All good

We bottled everything you need,
and nothing you don't.

Smooth Taste and Texture
Organic pea protein makes for a smooth shake and a protein that is almost perfectly bioavailable, which means that your body can efficiently use it.
Free from Common Allergens
Free from things that people may be sensitive to, including dairy, lactose, soy, gluten, corn, and nuts.
Optimized Details
For active people, every bottle holds the perfect amount of key electrolytes, sodium, and potassium, without ingredients we don’t need, like carrageenan.
Evidence-Based Functional Ingredients
With science-backed ingredients like soluble fiber that acts as a prebiotic and phytonutrients with antioxidant properties, Komplete has efficacious bells and whistles.
Better Fat Profile
Kate Farms uses organic coconut oil which provides medium chain triglycerides (MCT) for quick energy, while organic flaxseed oil provides a source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid.
No Hidden Ingredients
With no chemicals, additives, or non-nutritive sweeteners, each bottle is filled with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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