Heart is behind
everything we do

Sometimes the most powerful force
of change can come from the unlikeliest of sources.

A little girl with cerebral palsy, for example,
who went from “failing to thrive” to a happy 10th birthday.
That’s where we began, with an ambitious mission -
change the world by sharing Kate’s recipe for a richer, fuller
life through healthy nutrition. And so far, it’s worked.
So we follow Kate’s way.

We believe that nature provides everything we need.
Balanced nutrition that makes us healthy and whole.
We believe in listening to our bodies. They tell us what we need,
and what we don’t. And when we listen, our bodies heal themselves,
and thrive, and perform at levels we didn’t know possible.

We are people with heart.

We follow our passions, and do it with integrity.
And we believe that when you do something with all your heart,
people can feel it, and it will inspire something in them, too.