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Every serving of Komplete tastes great and contains a complete meal of nutrition from 21 superfoods, 24 fruits and vegetables, organic ingredients and plant based proteins.

Terry Eisenstadt RN, MNT (Master Nutritional Therapist) at Nutritional Designs
Komplete, the meal replacement is the most nutritious drink we have found. I work for a naturopath and we have been searching for a vegan, low glycemic, and non-soy meal replacement. Many of our clients are very ill and either have swallowing difficulty or need to gain weight. I saw your ad in a health magazine and contacted you immediately. I ordered a case for myself. The office and I are so happy with how delicious every flavor is and it has 17 grams of nutritional protein. We have already referred clients to KateFarms. Thank you for sharing Komplete with us.
Andrew M.
Thank you so much! I have had some serious digestive problems for the last 8 months or so. I haven’t been able to eat much, so I have lost about 20 pounds, and now I’m 5’11”, and I weigh only 125. The problem is, without a way to ingest many nutrients, my body has had no way to initiate healing. I just tried your shakes for the first time yesterday, and I had another one today. They are very nutritious, and very easy to digest, and both days, I almost immediately felt stronger. I can tell that this is a very easy way to get nutrition into my body without disturbing my stomach with a lot of bulky, hard-to-digest foods. I ordered a case of these shakes, and I plan to continue drinking at least one a day, until my digestive problems are gone. They taste delicious too! When I have one of them, I want to have 3 or 4 more! LOL Thanks again for developing a great product, and I wish you all success.
Vivian G.
Hello, my name is Vivian. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 months ago. I know she will lose weight during chemo so i wanted to make her healthier before she started her therapy. Someone I know through my work introduced your product to me and I read your story. I started giving my mom your shakes and they have been very beneficial to her. I think they have made her stronger and has not had too many complications after chemo. She is frail but seems to be holding up well and she loves them. Thank you Corey Riley for introducing me to this product and thank you Kate Farms for inventing it. Now if only you make it in strawberry.... Lol. I only wish more stores carried your product. I have to drive 10 miles each way to buy it. Hope someone closer to home will have it soon. Thank you, Vivian G.