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Standard Formula

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A ready-to-use oral and tube feeding formula. Nutritionally complete, plant-based formula free of dairy, lactose, soy, gluten, corn, peanuts and tree nuts. Each 325 mL carton provides 325 calories with prebiotic fiber, 23 micronutrients, and a blend of phytonutrients from 29 fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

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Loved by many
“My son Michael has chronic lung disease and is g-tube dependent. Every time Michael gets sick, he loses weight very quickly and it is hard to play catch up. Since we started Kate Farms, there has been a huge difference in his energy levels and how much better and faster he is bouncing back after being sick. I am so grateful.”
Julie, Michael’s mom
“I had late Stage 4 HPV and cancer of the tongue, spread to the neck. After heavy radiation and chemo for four months, the collateral damage to my tongue and esophagus was severe. With physical therapy, I can now swallow 4 tablespoons a time, by mouth, without aspirating. That is awesome! My food is mostly via a stomach tube. My speech is slurry, but improving slowly. All this to say, after 17 months on a formula that was full of corn syrup and dairy, I just started your Core Essentials and I am stoked! (I am allergic to dairy and your formula has none!) I have less fatigue and feel better! Wonderful product. Bless you!”
Lynda, cancer survivor
“Kate Farms has been a life saver! I started drinking your retail product, Komplete, several years ago because I have a dairy and gluten allergy and couldn't find anything that was healthy and tasted good. When I heard about the medical formulas, Core Essentials, I ended up putting my son on the shakes because of his health. Antonio was diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome which includes hypotonia (low muscle tone) and eating solid food was difficult. With the fabulous nutrition of Kate Farms, we didn't have to worry about his caloric intake or the quality of the calories. I showed the product to our pediatrician and he was thrilled to see such a wonderfully complete product! Much thanks to Kate Farms!
Anne Marie, Antonio’s mom

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Packed with superfoods

Our superfoods blend has the effective phytochemicals from 29 fruits and vegetables without any of the allergens or caffeine from the source ingredients.